How To Choose Business Domain Names

As a business owner or website owner, you may have faced the task of choosing suitable business domain names. Choosing business names may be a lot less simple process than choosing business domain names for a number of different reasons.

The tendency is to name the business, and then register a domain. However, what often happens, is that the domain matching the name of your business is perhaps already taken, as domains can be easily registered at much less than the cost of registering business names.

The names were thought to be critical components in branding and marketing. The Uniform Resource Locator or URL, is the address that is used to connect to your website, and so it was believed that easy recognition would come from business domain names that contained the name of the business. The issue is not that simple, as anyone can register a domain name, and it is done on first-come first-serve basis.

If the name of your business is my business, a good idea, was to choose business domain names that include the word my business. However, with the evolution of search engine technologies, including the name of the business in the domain may make it easy for humans to locate your site, but for search optimization, it was more important that the names include keywords, which tells the search engines what your business is about.

You can see that compromises were needed, and so did the search engines operators, who perceived that business domain names that contained keywords provided advantages, and they were also vulnerable to abuse by website owners who were able to get better ranking with top level domain names that contained keywords, but what was also deemed to be inferior content. They reacted
by penalising sites that contain keywords in top level domains or TLDs.

The task is complex, as it is still important that your business domain names are unique, and reflect the essence of your business, but should not include your keywords. It should also be unique, memorable, and not too long.

What was also important, was the extensions which are attached to the domain. However, the web is rapidly evolving and there are much more important considerations than extensions. The dot com extensions were once the most valued extension, but often they may have already been registered. The alternatives were others such as .net, .info, or .org.

These are no longer concerns, as there are now extensions available for every genre. Among the most important question now, when choosing business domain names, is whether a location should be included. There is no advantage to including a region, if your customers are anywhere in the world.

The best option is to obtain business domain names that match that of your business, and include a region only if your service is local.

Care must be exercised when choosing business domain names, as all guidelines should be followed to avoid penalties. You have to be very careful about it. This is very much important.

How To Buy An Aged Domain

There are lots of benefits to buying an aged domain, which is an ideal strategy if you are building a new website. The immediate benefit comes from the reputation which, may have been previously established, where the older is better.

The primary reason for the preference for an aged domain, is that traffic and reputation may have already been established. However caution is required to determine whether any effort has been put into developing the site, if it exists, or is simply a domain name.

Aged domains are available at various prices, which are determined by the intrinsic value. If you are developing a new site, an aged domain can put you miles ahead of the competition, where the need to develop inbound links and site traffic is already completed, but the difficulty lies in determining how to make efficient use of the reputation, but even more important, is determination of the value of the links.

There are several sites where you may buy established domains in your category, but before doing so, an examination of the link profile may be necessary. Determine if the inbound links are appropriate and able to send the right type of visitors as quality becomes even more important than quantity.

If all is in order, to make use of the traffic, the next objective would be to direct the traffic from the old domain to your new domain. This should be done discreetly as search engines really do not like redirects, and generally not much value is passed on redirects.

Do not expect that your site will receive higher ranking in search engines from redirects, as there are several other factors that come into play. Do not expect to receive from credit from domains that may have already expired.

Where real benefit from an aged domain can be derived, is where a domain is transferred, or if a website is bought or sold. If you intend to operate the site in the same manner, despite the new registration, it is more than likely that credit for the existing link profile should continue.

Another option to make use of an aged domain, requires a bit more effort, but can have a positive impact onsite performance. The old domain can be set as a sub or microsite, which can then be linked to your main site. In that way much of the value with the established microsite can be passed to your main site, without affecting site reputation, but the downside, is that a bit more effort is now required to maintain two websites.

The third option is to completely rebuild a site on the old domain, and this is not always as daunting as it sounds, but you have the ready benefit of making use of an already established reputation.

Buying an aged domain may not be for everyone, but there are ways that benefits can be obtained from previously established reputations.

Domain Names Regulations

A domain name is an identification string defined by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). It should be pointed out that a domain name is assigned for exclusive use under one legal or natural person. Specifically, a domain name represents an Internet Protocol resource, such as a website. Domain name can be described as a location where specific information and activities can be found. As a result, from a marketing point of view, a domain name might represent the identity of the firm, as well as, the products and services offered by this particular firm. Hence, domain names must be as unique as possible, as the existence of websites with similar domain names can be misleading for customers and potential business partners.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an international non-profit organisation that supervises the assignment of IP addresses and domain names. Among the principal activities of ICANN are to facilitate the registration of domain names, to develop a policy for the internationalisation of Domain Name System and resolve domain names disputes. Notably, ICANN developed the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) in order to facilitate the resolution of disputes concerning the registration of domain names.

Registration Procedure:

In order to register a domain name, the registrant must check if the particular domain name is available and then register it with one ICANN-accredited registrars and create a WHOIS record containing registrant’s details. WHOIS is a database that includes information about registered domain owners. Moreover, it is possible to register domains through registrar’s resellers.

The registrant denotes the organisation or the individual who has registered the domain name. A registrant reserves a domain name by applying to a domain registrar or one of their reseller. The registrant must follow certain rules defined by the registrar. It should be pointed out that registrants have to be consistent with payment fees and submission of updated data. Furthermore, registrants have to list their domains on name servers in order that domain to be reachable on the Internet. Note that a registrant is obliged for securing or hosting his/her own name server in case the registrar does not provide this service or he/she has opted out of the registrar’s service.

Registrars are organisations accredited by ICANN and certified by registry operations to sell domains. Nevertheless, some registrants may choose to register through a reseller. Registry operators are responsible for accepting registration requests, either from registrars or registrants, having a database of the necessary registration data and offering name servers to publish the zone file data through the Internet.

Domain name dispute:

The UDRP established the legal framework that regulates the resolution of disputes between a domain name registrant and a third party over the abusive registration and utilisation of a domain name in the generic top level domains. As a result, any individual or firm can file a domain name claim concerning a generic top-level domain (gTLD) that uses the UDPR procedures.

The UDRP Administrative Procedure may resolve the following disputes:

The domain name registered by the registrant is identical or similar to a trademark or service mark in which the complaint has rights.

The domain name registrant has no rights or legitimate interests concerning the domain name in question.

The domain name has been registered and is being used in a bad faith. A striking examples of a domain name that has been registered and is being used in bad faith is when it is registered mainly to cause troubles to the business of a competitor.

How to Pick an SEO Friendly Domain Name

How to Pick an SEO Friendly Domain

How do you make the right choice when you decide to buy a domain name? A domain is a company’s virtual identity and one of the basic parameters that need to be defined when creating a website. When choosing to buy a domain name, it is important to make the right choice in a SEO sense because this will definitely affect the overall website success.

The domain enables the creation of the identity for your website. It enables for easy search – easy finding of your website. It enables your website to be connected with the business sector. An appropriate domain will be priceless for the website business’ success because the domain name will affect the website’s position in existing and popular search engines.

To ensure website success, it is good to keep in mind at least the following three basic rules:

1) Keep it short – the domain name should be short and simple so that users can memorize and type it easily. It is good if the domain name ranges from around 10 to a maximum of 67 symbols. The name can contain letters, numbers and hyphens.

2) Keep it plain – don’t use hyphens if you don’t have to because it complicates the domain name both visually as well as when telling it to someone.

3) Be different – try to create a unique domain name, one that users will connect with you. Choosing a company name can be a good choice. Example: isn’t the same as

We need to think deeply once we buy a domain name. Generally, a domain name is around 7 symbols (letters, numbers and hyphens). A domain name is a linguistic design according to Christopher Johnson from Smashing Magazine. A good name is important for website design. The name has an important role when people discover, memorize or search for a specific website. The name also determines the website branding process even before the first users visit it. This is why domain name choice requires strategy, imagination and the ability for linguistic design, explains Johnson.

The other important point is TTL. It would be better choose to select your domain TTL ‘.com’ as well as ‘co.UK’ if you run your business in the UK. You might select one of them as a main website of your company. In this way you will be able to use the most famous TTLs (.com) and your local TTL (.co.UK).

8 Rules for Choosing a Domain Name

I need a website built, but where do I start?

First things first, you need somewhere to put the website – this means a domain name, or URL. This is a very important step in getting your online presence off to a running start, one that is too often thought of as a simple step that you can easily ‘wing’ and just purchase something that will kind of do the job for cheap. After all, it’s only a place to put my website, right?

Wrong. Would you buy a top of the line, brand new, fully loaded Cadillac from an online dealership called Okay, so there might be a couple oddballs out there, but my point is, it sounds like a carnival ride and the vast majority of Cadillac purchasers probably won’t be shopping there. You need something that conveys your business with style that is straight to the point and easy to remember, like

Take a little time and put some thought into your domain name. Don’t be a Slappy Doo!

1) Align with your business

This should be fairly obvious, but it still needs to be said. If you already have a business name, such as Book Builders Inc., your domain name should be or This makes it easy for your customers to remember your name and also your website.

2) Make it easy

People gravitate toward convenience. It’s just the way people are. If your website is difficult to spell or type – avoid using slang words or shortening words like ‘you’ into ‘u’. This may make it more difficult for people to find you.

3) Short and simple

This goes right along with the previous step. The longer the domain name, the more people have to work to type in your domain. If it is more than three words – over 20 characters – users may feel exhausted having to type so much (I know, it’s ridiculous, but it’s true). There is a problem here that you may not be able to avoid – most of the 2-3 word domain names are already taken. This is where the next few steps come in handy to tailor your domain.

4) Use keywords (maybe)

This has been a common practice for a long time in choosing a domain name, but doesn’t hold as much power in regards to SEO as it once did. Since Google’s search engine updates from 2010 on, this has become less and less of a top consideration. Since Google is the powerhouse in Search, you may want to pay attention to what their objectives are – mainly that they’re moving toward ranking websites with relevant content and actual usefulness to web surfers. This means: your content matters more than your domain name.

NOTE: Use one if it fits with your business and looks good. Otherwise, don’t try too hard here.

5) Target locally

Example: If your business is called ‘Car Detailing’, and you detail cars in Denver, Colorado, chances are [] is taken. Even so, you most likely only deal with local car drivers. This is a case where you would want to include your city in the domain name and choose []. This will help with local SEO and make it easier for customers in your area to find you.

6) Avoid hyphens and numbers if possible

This is a common mistake that can hinder searches for your website – it isn’t common knowledge to try a hyphen in a domain name and you may confuse people if your name is hyphenated, but there is another website that is not. Check out the two websites below and you’ll see exactly how this can go wrong.

Conversely, if is taken and you feel would still suit your needs, then make the purchase. Otherwise, try modifying the name a bit to still align with your business while avoiding the hyphen.

7) Make it memorable

This is probably the most important. Just like picking a business name that lets people remember you, picking a domain that sticks in people’s minds is imperative. Unless you only use your website as a point of reference and your actual business goes by word of mouth (actually happens a lot), then it isn’t as important.

8) Don’t purchase ‘later’

If you find a domain that you like and it is available DO NOT WAIT! There are domain poachers who actually wait for people to search for a domain and if it isn’t purchased right away, they’ll buy it and try to sell it to you for a lot more money than you’re probably willing to pay.

Importance Of A Domain Name For Your Website

A Domain Name is your web address that helps a customer to reach you over the internet. You should be very careful while selecting a right domain name for your business because it will put a good or bad impact on a customer’s mind. It has now become an important part of your online presence and without this; no one can identify your professional website.

So, you have to pick the name which suits your business and must have one important keyword of your site. To know about its importance for your business, you just need to scroll down and read below-mentioned points.

Help To Build Your Credibility: A domain name is the identity of your business on the internet, and it is crucial because it helps to build your credibility among your clients. It will make an impact of your business on a customer mind, and they will think forward to connect professionally with you.

Helps In Branding: Undoubtedly, branding is essential for the growth of your business, and you should give proper attention to it. A straightforward and memorable domain name will help in the branding of your business, which is a must to achieve success.

Search Engines Loves Unique Domain Name: Another reason why it is important for your business is that search engine loves it. It helps the search engines to crawl your website easily and helps it to rank higher.

Attract Walk-In-Business: If the domain name of your website matches your business objectives, then assuredly it will attract walk-in business to you. It simply means it opens the door of opportunity for your business.

Help The Customers To Visit Your Website Easily: A Domain Name is the web address of your site, so, it will help your customer find you easily. It helps to stand you apart from your competitors, which in result increase the traffic on your site.

All above points will help you to understand its importance for your business, so, you should give proper attention to it. So, what are you waiting for? Select a perfect domain name for your business site, which must have a relevant keyword, to attract more traffic to it. It will give you many benefits, so, before selecting it, think, analyze and then implement. If you are still confused, you can take the help of your web designer. It’s because a reputed Website Designing Company will surely help you to book a domain name for your site.